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If former President Barack Obama had not consistently played the race card, George Floyd might still be alive. Imagine how many lives might have been ... Read more
It's time to examine Georgia's new voting laws that are supposedly "racist." You know, the law that Coca-Cola's Chairman and CEO claims it's taking a ... Read more
Oh, from time to time, the Great Eldersky will get a hate letter or two. Then, when the ink runs dry from their poisonous pen, they pick up the phone ... Read more
A white man kills eight people in a mass shooting in Atlanta, six of whom were Asian and two were white, but the Biden administration and the media la... Read more
Once upon a time, two senators from different states gave robust and passionate defense arguments for the filibuster. Not too long after, both senator... Read more
After the Atlanta massage parlor shooting where eight people were killed, Damon Young, a writer for The Root, wrote an op-ed piece titled “Whiteness i... Read more
Ladies and gentlemen, Larry Elder, presents another classic take on cancel culture. America’s latest trend with no rhyme, no rules, and no reason. Wat... Read more
Good news! According to the Biden administration, there is no US/Mexico border crisis. That’s weird? Raw video and images seem to prove otherwise. Bid... Read more
In his first national address, President Biden said a Philadelphia woman told him she “just wants the truth.” Well, breaking news, Ms. Philly, Joe Bid... Read more
Reparations are the extraction of money from people who were never slave owners to be given to people who were never slaves. Some people argue well, w... Read more
Larry receives letters from fans and haters all the time. In this episode, he shares a doozy! In the same breath, Larry is recognized for addressing t... Read more
After former President Donald Trump spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon made a joke claiming... Read more
Once upon a time Left-wing economists, and other lefties, thought a federal minimum wage would destroy jobs. And it certainly does! In this episode, L... Read more
Leave your questions in the comment section! Read more
Thirteen years after the election (and re-election), the first black president of the United States would call reparations “justified.” This may surpr... Read more
One of the more bizarre reasons for reparations is that white people taught Black people to believe they are inferior. The allegation supposedly cause... Read more
Watch Larry Elder talks about: - How Left-wing/liberal media bias influence the way Americans think and vote - The Indoctrination of the excess of in... Read more
The Biden administration claimed (with a straight face) they did not inherit a vaccination distribution plan from former President Trump. Can you beli... Read more
Larry recently spoke at the House Judiciary Committee on “reparative justice,” which is a fancy way of saying reparations. One of the many points he m... Read more
Cancel culture strikes again. This week’s victim? Morgan Wallen, a rising country music artist, drunkenly spewed a racial slur to one of his friends, ... Read more
Larry recently spoke at the House Judiciary Committee on “reparative justice,” which is a fancy way of saying reparations, and you can bet he had a fe... Read more
Every House Democrat and eleven Republicans recently stripped Georgia's freshman House Member Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments beca... Read more
Among those calling for former President Donald Trump's conviction for the impeachment charge of incitement to insurrection is none other than the Rev... Read more
Larry receives letters, comments, and criticisms from fans and haters all the time. In this episode, Larry shares how he started a career in talk radi... Read more
Let's get this straight: We're crazy for raising legitimate concerns about the 2020 election? Are we crazy for raising concerns about deadlines blown?... Read more
For those of you who believe former President Donald Trump is finished – think again. Four years is an eternity in politics. In this episode, Larry lo... Read more
The episode “Denzel Washington: The Only Hollywood Star Telling the Truth About Race” reached over 2.5 million views. Despite its popularity, not ever... Read more
Newly elected President Joe Biden says he wants us to return to the era of civility. When have these people ever practiced civility? Read more
As you know, the House of Representatives impeached former President Donald Trump a second time, allegedly engaging in incitement to insurrection. For... Read more
After recently celebrating Martin Luther King Jr's birthday this year, Larry wonders what he would think of the United States today. MLK Jr. Wrote a l... Read more
What a difference an administration makes when it comes to immigration. Let’s remember at one time (and not very long ago), Democrats sounded just lik... Read more
After the U.S. Capitol riot, Democrats suddenly discovered law and order, and they no longer want to defund the police. But back during the Black Live... Read more
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