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Recently #LarryElder was invited to speak with his good friend #JoePiscopo on the Joe Piscopo radio show. They discussed a number of issues of the day... Read more
Given all the nonsense about systemic racism, it’s easy to get pessimistic about America. Recently, Larry had a zoom meeting with free-thinking High S... Read more
Every Morning for 59 Seconds or Less, Elder Has Robe Rage on Instagram. Read more
When Barack Obama was running for president in 2008, he never considered the color of his skin as a feature that held him back from winning the #race.... Read more
Move over Johnnie Cochran! Attorney Ben Crump has become the go-to defense lawyer for families of loved ones killed by police, including George Floyd,... Read more
Once upon a time, President Biden put VP Harris in charge of the border crisis—what the Biden administration is calling a “challenge.” Back during the... Read more
If you are not familiar with what Larry Elder calls the “axis of indoctrination,” it’s the idea that academia is brainwashing the minds of young peopl... Read more
Father’s day is coming up and a few years back Larry had the opportunity to speak at a support group for men who grew up without fathers. He also refl... Read more
Facebook has decided to ban former President Donald Trump for two years because he was promoting the big lie that “caused the insurrection” on Jan. 6.... Read more
Today, there is a whole generation of young people who grew up applauding and saluting folks like Angela Davis for making the most ridiculous, nonsens... Read more

🔴Elderados! As you know, Larry has been censored by big tech, so please support him at👉 , where you can find his exclu... Read more

Florida superstar Tim Tebow, who tried out for the NFL, didn't make it, has recently been given an opportunity by the new coach of the Jacksonville ja... Read more
One of the reasons the reparations movement gained steam is because many people believe the slaves were “kidnapped” out of Africa. However, the inconv... Read more

When did the civil rights movement go off the rails?

The answer is when proponents went from justly demanding equal rights to unjustly demand... Read more

Whenever violence erupts between the Israelis and Palestinians, it’s amazing how ignorant some Americans are about the crisis. The conflict started th... Read more
More hilarious, fake outrage from the Democrat party after the GOP dumped Rep. Liz Cheney from her House leadership. This is the same party who kneeca... Read more
Recently it was revealed that Joe Biden used a perfectly legal maneuver to avoid paying $500,000 in taxes. The Obama administration considered it a to... Read more
Depending on how many drinks Larry had the night before, he posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, unabashed and uncensored commentary every morni... Read more
Shocking news for President Joe Biden broke out recently after the April Jobs Report revealed only 266,000 jobs were added to the U.S. economy after a... Read more
We discuss the contradiction between canceling Donald Trump for his alleged “big lie” about the 2020 election and not canceling Hillary Clinton for he... Read more
The Trump Derangement Syndrome over at CNN is back and stronger than ever. The “Both Sides” lie about Charlottesville is back by way of Don Lemon even... Read more
Larry recently came across the term “white savior movies.” According to critics, this is a type of film that features a white hero or heroine entering... Read more
After responding to President Biden’s address to Congress by saying, “America is not a racist country,” Senator Tim Scott is the latest victim of the ... Read more
There is no polite way to say this: Maxine Waters is getting people killed. For example, she ordered her supporters to harass Cabinet members in the T... Read more
What is it with these award shows and the lack of fact-checkers when you need them? Remember when the actor Jesse Williams made a whole bunch of false... Read more
A popular LAPD officer wrote a letter to LeBron James, urging him to sit down and discuss what it is like to be a cop. In this episode, Larry analyzes... Read more
CNN recently published an article claiming 76% of Republicans believe “The Big Lie” about the democrats stealing the 2020 election. This is from the s... Read more
The trial of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis officer accused of murdering George Floyd, deserves jurors who come to their verdict based upon fac... Read more
Patrisse Cullors, the co-founder of Blacks Lives Matter and a self-claimed "trained Marxist “, appears to be doing quite well for herself. Last year, ... Read more

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Only 5% of the Biden administration's infrastructure plans goes to roads and bridges. But infrastructure is a word with many layers, according to Bide... Read more
If former President Barack Obama had not consistently played the race card, George Floyd might still be alive. Imagine how many lives might have been ... Read more
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