Larry Elder Speaks at The Epoch Times VIP Event | April 10th, 2021

2021-04-26 06:47:58 Larry Elder Show
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6 comment

Joseph Hendricks
May 14, 2021
Good video 👍
Jared L. Brown
May 13, 2021
Elder steps to the plate, heres the pitch, there's a swing and a drive deep centerfield....and its gone! Once again Elder hits a grand slam off the Left handed pitcher. Great Job ELDERSKI! Keep up the great work. Keep on crushing those lefties..
mitchell loebel
Apr 29, 2021
I'm a white engineer in Silicon Valley ... Jew btw. I listened to you, Larry many times and I simply can't get through your presentation (The Pacific Club VIP Event) without tears dropping.

Thank God for you Larry.
Apr 21, 2021
I would like to see constant and relentless challenges from the right news, commentators, statesmen of all governors and houses.... to DEBATE the hot issues on national tv. First one can be voter laws. Keep calling out the like of Stacey Abram\'s refusal to debate with Brian Kemp on Georgia\'s recent law. The refusal to debate the issue in public is affirmation that their argument won\'t hold up in front of the people if they had to rationalize it. I am not on most social media but where is the S/M campaign?
Apr 20, 2021
OBAMA was not the right person to be the first black president , thank GOD Hillary was not the first woman president though ...that would have ruined it for the next lady to try
David W Williamson
Apr 20, 2021
When I think of all the opportunities that President Obama had to make things better. I am around so many people who think he was wonderful. I doubt if any of them even knows the truth about any of the examples that you gave today. You are such a positive speaker and I know many young people especially young boys need to hear you. In many cases their lives depend on hearing you. Thank you.



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