Recently #LarryElder was invited to speak with his good friend #JoePiscopo on the Joe Piscopo radio show. They discussed a number of issues of the day... Read more
Given all the nonsense about systemic racism, it’s easy to get pessimistic about America. Recently, Larry had a zoom meeting with free-thinking High S... Read more
Every Morning for 59 Seconds or Less, Elder Has Robe Rage on Instagram. Read more
When Barack Obama was running for president in 2008, he never considered the color of his skin as a feature that held him back from winning the #race.... Read more
Move over Johnnie Cochran! Attorney Ben Crump has become the go-to defense lawyer for families of loved ones killed by police, including George Floyd,... Read more
Once upon a time, President Biden put VP Harris in charge of the border crisis—what the Biden administration is calling a “challenge.” Back during the... Read more
If you are not familiar with what Larry Elder calls the “axis of indoctrination,” it’s the idea that academia is brainwashing the minds of young peopl... Read more
Father’s day is coming up and a few years back Larry had the opportunity to speak at a support group for men who grew up without fathers. He also refl... Read more
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